Stanford University CIFE Summer Program 2017

September 19th and 20th, 2017, Stanford University, California, USA

BEXEL Consulting, as a member of Stanford University’s Center For Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE), has participated in this year’s annual Summer Program, with Stefan Zoraja representing BEXEL as CTO.
The Program was held at CIFE’s iRoom at Stanford University, with this year’s theme being “Creating high-performance facilities through integration”.
It was divided into two days, moderated by CIFE Director, prof. Martin Fischer, PhD. The first day featured several sessions from CIFE management, as  well as CIFE member individuals and companies about high performance buildings and how to achieve them. The second day hosted sessions focusing on integration opportunities, challenges and impacts. Traditionally, at the end of the Program, all members presented their recent projects and accomplishments in line with the Program theme to other members and new Stanford graduate students from Sustainable Design and Construction, who had the opportunity to see the recent achievements, ask questions about the projects and have better insight into real-life problems and their solutions.
Special attention was given to the measurable definition of high performance and the integration of project information, the integration of organizations, and the integration of multi-disciplinary knowledge from all project phases into work processes.