Feasibility Studies

Whether or not the viability of a project is called into question, BEXEL Consulting offers a range of services to provide feasibility studies and assess the probability of a project’s success in terms of predefined benchmarks generally based upon financial metrics (ROI/IRR/NPV) and execution time.

We support the decision making process of investors and owners by providing crucial information before any acquisitions or fund-raising takes place.

The key aspect to be taken into consideration in terms of project feasibility is risk – in whatever sense, financial, constructive, or located in whichever discipline.

Our teams are specialized for risk management throughout the building lifecycle and are more than qualified to identify, assess, analyze and mitigate the dangers of these potential pitfalls. We ultimately improve feasibility of the project and achieve cost & schedule savings as a result of pushing through well defined procedures and numerous structured cost & schedule analyses, as well as constructability analyses and analyses of various other internal & external risks.

Over the years, we have helped our clients in managing their investment portfolios, return on investment analyses were developed very early in each project’s lifecycle and served as starting point for accurate decision making.

This approach has a proven record of maximizing cost effectiveness by ensuring rational budget allocation & spending and, in turn, generating maximum return on investment.