Cash Flow Analysis

Cash flow estimates represent a balance between basic financial inputs and outputs, or flux of funds into or out of the proposed project and support further analysis with financial metrics such as NPV (Net Present Value), IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and, what interests owners and investors the most – ROI (Return on Investment).
Cash flow analysis rely tightly on previously executed 5D (3D with time and cost dynamics) simulations and financial market trends in order to provide sufficient information for BEXEL’s experts to reach an optimal cash flow and, in turn, a profitable project solution.

By saving time compared to the traditional cost estimating / scheduling cycle, we gain the time to run a virtually infinite number of different simulations incorporating various resource consumption and scheduling strategies to reach an option which fits best financing dynamics and global financial market climate.

By carefully analyzing various cash flow options and weighing in all project features, we strive to reduce financial risks to a bare minimum.

With a number of simultaneously active projects, it is extremely important for our clients to streamline and integrate their capital programming processes in order to increase productivity and efficiency and overall profits.

BEXEL Consulting provides the service of creating cumulative cash flow analysis across a number of projects which yields the cash flow of the total project portfolio.