Model Based Takeoffs

BEXEL harnesses the power of virtual design and construction to bring full benefits of BIM-based quantity takeoffs to our clients. Whether or not we take charge of development of a detailed BIM model or just refactor and review existing ones, using our streamlined quantity take-off processes and BEXEL software products, we are able to generate highly accurate quantity take-offs in a fraction of time typically needed to acquire building element quantities from 2D CAD drawings.

Thanks to the hierarchical organization of building elements within a BIM model, developed in any modern, BIM-based, design authoring tool, abundance of attached organizational and functional data and precise three-dimensional representation of geometry, our software solutions can analyze and calculate lengths, surface areas and volumes of hundreds of thousands of building elements. All this information, collected and organized, effectively evolves into a database, at our disposal to provide a number of answers to any imaginable question of interest, regarding material quantities. For example:

  • What is the total volume of concrete, of a given type, needed for construction of basement walls?
  • What are total lengths of plumbing & sewage pipes of all radii, placed on underground levels?
  • What is the total area of partition walls which needs to be painted on levels above a given level?
  • What is the total mass of steel needed for roof construction on building A, B & C?
  • How many fittings, accessories and equipment of each type are needed for water supply systems?

Key aspects here are precision and time – thanks to complete automation and quality calculations, we are able to provide more precise take-offs than ever before and – in real time! With full integration with the BIM model, all changes and revisions are quickly absorbed and new quantities are available instantaneously.