Interactive Cost Estimating

Using BEXEL’s developed cost estimating and management software solutions, the process of serious model-based cost estimating is reduced to a gameplay level, while improving overall precision of cost estimates and the speed of their development. These are the most important metrics and we are proud to have taken them both to a whole new level.

Combined with advanced visualization, determining exactly which construction elements need to be estimated is easy. With accurately defined cost elements – work items and assemblies, estimating elements with their associated, pre-calculated quantities is even easier. Instead of painful aggregation of quantities and time-consuming cost calculation per each element, we can estimate batches of thousands of elements in a matter of seconds.

The benefits of our approach & technology are threefold:

  • We make sure we know the exact cost of each building element, as it evolves in the design
  • We make sure that the project design stays within budget at every design phase milestone
  • We afford the time to focus on more important activities like exploring different design options

BEXEL’s software handles all communication, quotes & contracts and made with subcontractor company in an easy-to-use environment, including all relevant cost information in the project model – later available for revision and comparison. Hence, all subcontractor information is stored in one place and the users can easily analyze and manage different quotes to select the best option at all times.

Within our visual estimating environment, we can materialize design changes with ease and see the cost implications of each design change. Furthermore, we present designers with the aftermath, provide recommendations and offer further support in order to avoid every owner’s and investor’s worst nightmare – a huge, late-realized budget overrun.