Intelligent Scheduling

Project managers typically create construction schedules containing thousands of tasks, down to a level of each single work item. Ordering those tasks, assigning and balancing resources is an extremely challenging problem even for the most experienced of project managers.

BEXEL’s scheduling engine implements advanced scheduling algorithms, specially designed to bring us the functionality of creating fully automated construction schedules and alleviate painful, manual 4D sequencing. Our software relies on the users to provide precise and meaningful data, defining construction norms and methodology – the rest is up to the software itself! A number of options for automatic, intelligent scheduling are available and schedules can be customized to fit any need or criteria. The engine will find the optimal solution in terms of minimum construction cost & time and resource balancing – yielding fully detailed construction schedules in a matter of seconds even for the most complex of projects, containing hundreds of thousands of elements.

Initially generated schedules can be further fine-tuned by the user, by introducing specific ordering of phases and elements in both temporal and spatial sense or implementing custom calendars for tasks and subcontractors. Resource quantities may be modified for any single task, subcontractor company or phase. Finally, all task durations can be manually modified, before exporting the schedule to more commonly used Primavera™ or Project™ platforms.