Conflict Analysis

Conflict Analysis is a critical part of every project design review, and, in our experience, has a great positive impact on construction time as almost all potential design conflicts are solved before reaching the construction site. In traditional 2D design processes, visualization is extremely difficult and therefore, typically, many geometric conflicts between building elements are created which are hard to detect and are usually left to be solved at the construction site.

The conflict detection engine can perform geometric conflict analysis against any given number of groups of elements in the BIM model. It is responsible for detecting all cases of physically impossible relationships between building elements. When such an analysis is conducted, all detected conflicts are reviewed together with the design team and various design flaws are mended well before the project design documentation reaches the construction site, saving both construction time and construction cost.

The Bexel solution can also provide significant support in detecting other design inconsistencies in the project, by performing various code checking analyses.