6D Facility Maintenance

BEXEL Manager Facility Maintenance is an intelligent and universal solution for centralized, model-based 6D facility maintenance planning and tracking, containing equipment data, documents, specifications and materials.

BEXEL Manager Facility Maintenance provides a comprehensive source for planning and tracking the use, performance and maintenance of various systems, equipment and other project assets, for the client and operations and maintenance teams. This enables tracking of the maintenance history, increases productivity of the maintenance staff, and makes the physical location of the equipment and systems visually understandable and easy to organize.

BEXEL Manager Facility Maintenance solution ensures reliable and timely information for all necessary repair and maintenance activities, allowing better planning of cost and time as well as tracking facility conditions.

The 6D BIM model contains 3D model elements with respective data, documents, records, plans and other information related to or required for the operational phase of an asset.


• Maintain up-to-date facility and equipment data including user manuals, equipment specifications, maintenance schedules, warranties, cost data, upgrades, replacements, damages and deterioration, maintenance records, manufacturer’s data, and equipment functionality

• Include information about the original design intent, ownership details, survey work, operational performance details as well as 3D models developed during construction

• Access all FM information including field data from a centralized model

• Pre-plan maintenance activities – years in advance

• Anticipate operation costs

• Test different scenarios virtually

• Automatically generate scheduled work orders for maintenance staff

• Track use, performance, and maintenance of a building’s physical assets for the owner, maintenance team, and financial department

• Use the 6D BIM model to plan scenarios, coordinate facility renovation works and manage usable space more efficiently

• Use the 6D BIM model as an electronic owner’s manual, and also as a valuable tool for recommissioning processes

• Streamline change management – allow future updates of the record model to reflect current building asset information after renovation works or replacements

• Consistent and open file format and user-friendly interface

• Process in compliance with PAS1192-2 and PAS1192-3 standards