What-If Scenarios

Once the main project design concept has been established and major guidelines laid out, owners and investors may start thinking and asking questions about different project options regarding materials & equipment used in the project, in a never-ending quest for compromise between available budget size and the offered level of quality.

Using our proprietary cost estimating and scheduling framework, BEXEL’s teams are able to provide answers to such questions in a fraction of time needed in the traditional approach, without use of VDC & BIM. You can simulate changing door, window, façade types, or any other building element or parameter to see virtual changes to construction cost & dynamics any number of times and afford yourself the time to choose the best option thoughtfully and carefully, before committing yourself to the one that might turn out to be less than profitable.

Design change management goes beyond making only those changes which are necessary and unavoidable. Now, you can make changes which you feel might improve the quality vs. construction cost ratio or play with building parts and technology which you feel might take less time to construct without worrying that designers, cost estimators and project managers will take too much time to see if the changes are justified or not. The key metric in design-time decision making processes is time, and BEXEL affords the time to make the right calls.