Resource Optimizations

One of key reasons for inefficient budget usage and frequent budget and projected construction time overruns comes from inefficient use of construction site resources – namely labor and equipment allocation. Not even the most experienced of project managers can sometimes arrange thousands of tasks and their assigned resources in a close to optimal manner.

Using our accumulated, expert project management knowledge and advanced scheduling technology, BEXEL’s teams were able to reach near optimal usage of labor and equipment resources on many projects of different scales, which, in synergy with many of our other expert services results in timely completion of construction and no money being wasted on additional salaries, rents, fuel or plain inefficiency.

We possess the expertise and technology to make sure that tasks are ordered and prioritized appropriately, cash flow charts are ironed out and that you never have to worry about having too much or too few laborers on your payroll, or if construction machines are rusting away. We take care about each single task so that project managers need not worry if work force assigned is over or under-allocated.

Spatial contexts of tasks are also taken into consideration – there is no point in assigning additional workers to complete certain jobs faster if laborers are stepping on each other’s toes. In a nutshell, BEXEL makes sure that you have just the right quantities of resources to complete the project in the right time.