Project Design

BEXEL provides more than just consulting services in project design realm.

We also have a strong portfolio of conceptual and detailed designs of residential, commercial and institutional buildings, ranging from condominiums & apartment buildings to multi-level business, educational or medical complexes and sports arenas.

Our team of architects and construction & MEP engineers have a proven record of developing excellent programs and designing innovative, intelligent buildings with absolute respect of our clients’ ideas and requirements.

Our architects are developing master project designs with total respect and understanding of Building Information Modeling philosophy and use the latest in BIM-based design authoring tools to our advantage and client’s satisfaction, reaping all potential benefits to project design quality and development time and cost. With inherently powerful visualization, designs are absolutely transparent to all stakeholders at all times and design stages and there is true collaboration between the client and architects &engineers.

BEXEL design team possess all the talent, quality, ingenuity and creativity required to give birth to master project designs which meet all our clients’ demands and needs and materialize their visions. With all else constant, hiring our design team carries a number of competitive advantages which come from our architects’ long professional experience in virtual design and construction disciplines.

Every design company can achieve more or less the same level of design quality, but only a few design companies can match the time and money we need to develop project designs.