Project Design Scheduling

Creating quality detailed designs goes beyond just that – there is always a question of time and catching up with the deadlines and the projected dynamics of the entire design process.

While architects & engineers are typically in charge of managing and coordinating design documents, BEXEL’s design managers use their experience in handling project design documentation to coordinate & manage the whole design process in order to keep design development at a steady pace and meeting the deadlines always out of question. In order to develop a sustainable project design development schedule, a number of factors must be weighed in – coordination among different disciplines (architecture, construction, MEP), availability of designers, rarely working on one project only etc.

By using same technology & principles as in developing construction schedules, we are able to help design companies to improve their design schedules, regardless of their technologic level or design tools used. Changes come on a strictly procedural level which, in combination with proper design reviews yields tremendous results, affecting design quality and dynamics on many levels.