Design Reviews

BEXEL Consulting provides independent design reviews based on previously developed 3D building information model in architectural, construction and MEP domains.
Design reviews can take place during any design phase and typically serve to showcase the design to the stakeholders and evaluate the design based on various criteria and design variables. Discipline-specific design reviews can take place to focus on issues pertinent to a single discipline and filter out others.
Architectural design reviews generally evaluate overall design quality, design policy compliance, effectiveness of design in meeting building program, structure layout, spatial criteria, aesthetics & ergonomics.
Constructive design reviews evaluate proposed construction, stability & structural analysis, seismic aspects, overall constructability and physical security.
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
MEP design reviews evaluate the designs from the aspect of mechanical and electrical engineering, weighing in matters such as energy conservation and environmental issues.
Reviews can be performed on an isolated segment of a building in order to assess potential design alternative quickly and efficiently and can resolve design issues by providing different options. Main value of design reviews lies in the fact that they cost much less than making post-construction changes at the cost of demolition, removal and reconstruction. Design changes can take place during design review meetings and be instantly presented to stakeholders, with instant information regarding cost & schedule impact, bringing additional efficiency to the entire design process, while cutting down design time & cost and reducing risk.