Building Information Modeling

BEXEL’s team of experienced architects and engineers with huge background in working in Virtual Design and Construction makes the job of adoption of Building Information Modeling easy. Whether our clients simply want to use our bundle of BIM services, or adopt the technology and proper processes and procedures in their respective companies, we can make the job done in a most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Serious lack of interoperability & coordination in the pre-BIM era, along with devastating statistics regarding additional expenses, delays and budget holes & overruns have resulted in use of VDC/BIM technologies being virtually mandated for large projects. The benefits of just implementing a 3D Virtual Construction model are not easy to miss – improved communication among project design team members and detectable constructability issues inherently introduce a new aspect of quality assurance.

Our team provides the service to autonomously develop 3D building information models based on existing, coordinated project documentation which serves as a solid basis for carrying out simulations & analyses related to constructability issues, extracting resource quantities, cost & scheduling (4D/5D) and project management tasks. We also provide the service to assist & train your architects and engineers to guide them along the path of BIM adoption in order to get the most out of today’s leading BIM design tools. Our engineers typically collaborate with project design teams on resolving detected design flaws in any discipline – architecture, construction or MEP.