New functionalities in Bexel Manager 10

We are proud to announce new version of our flagship software, Bexel Manager 10. In this new version, many additional functionalities have been added in order to make it more approachable and user-friendly for beginning users. Experienced users will find new capabilities of software very useful, such as better integration with other products in Bexel Software Suite and third party programs. Some new functionalities are:

  • Cost module has been improved in order to provide a better support for custom classification structures
  • Mapping of cost data to element groups has been made easy and intuitive by using our BIM Element Query capabilities
  • Automatic mapping of cost positions to elements has been upgraded
  • Easy switching between several different cost versions
  • Import/Export of costs from Microsoft Excel
  • User interface has been redesigned, resulting in efficient and smooth workflow

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Remain on the forefront of BIM experience with Bexel Manager 10!