Eaglehills, Belgrade, Serbia
October 5th to 6th, 2017 and October 19th to 20th, 2017, Belgrade, Serbia

BEXEL Consulting, together with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, organized a four-day BIM training at the Eagle Hills office in Serbia, the Developer of the largest development project in the region – Belgrade Waterfront.

During training, lecturers introduced the main concepts of the BIM methodology and the main technology behind it, discussed the planning process of BIM implementation both on projects and company-wise, presented BIM goals and benefits that are reachable with BIM implementation, presented examples of BIM processes and deliverables. All of these aspects were presented from the Developer’s angle, and focused on defining the Employers BIM requirements, defining BIM uses and processes within the project organizational structure, within design management and in construction progress monitoring. Lecturers demonstrated the 3D/4D/5D/6D workflows using Bexel Manager® BIM platform in live-demo mode, explaining the mentioned BIM processes, showing analysis of BIM models and development of different BIM results and deliverables in real time, on selected sample projects.

Participants were provided with 60-day-trial licenses of the BEXEL Manager® BIM platform and were able to conduct BIM model analysis and develop BIM deliverables themselves, with the lecturers’ on-site support. As a follow up, BEXEL Manager® video tutorials are made available to participants for further research and education on BIM processes using the BEXEL Manager® BIM platform.

Mr. Veljko Janjic, CEO & Co-Founder of BEXEL Consulting, introduced the main areas of expertise of BEXEL Consulting, reviewing our BIM Project Management Services and BIM Analysis and Management software platform – BEXEL Manager®. The topic of his lecture included BIM Project Implementation Strategy, BIM goals, uses and planning BIM implementation and processes according to them, Employer’s BIM Requirements and BIM Management Plan, BIM Execution Plan, Tendering using BIM, and the benefits and implementation of Intelligent scheduling.

Special attention was given to the topics of the content and development process of BIM Execution Plans (BEPs), including the BIM Model Development Strategy (volume strategy, LOD, LOI), BIM Uses planning, Clash detection strategy, BIM Deliverables plan, Meeting Strategy, Software Strategy for each BIM Use, Procedures and Checklists.


  • Zoran Stojadinovic, PhD, Associate Professor Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade
  • Veljko Janjić, CEO & Co-Founder, Bexel Consulting
  • Igor Osmokrović, MSc (CE), Senior BIM Project Manager, Bexel Consulting
  • Rade Tomović, BSc (CE), BIM Manager, Bexel Consulting
  • Marija Zečević, M. Arch, BIM Manager, Bexel Consulting