Free Online Education – BEXEL Manager

April – May, 2020

Join us on a five-week journey with Mileta Pejovic in a series of free online training sessions presenting advanced BIM project management workflows, main features and BEXEL Manager practical tips. Every week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting from April 14th at 14:00 CET.


14.04.- BEXEL Manager Introduction

15.04. – BEXEL Manager data management and CBS

21.04. – BEXEL Manager and use of selection sets, scenes and views

22.04. – BIM Project coordination and quantification

28.04. – 5D Cost databases and cost estimations using BEXEL Manager Cost Editor

29.04. – Basic 4D Project planning by importing, editing and exporting schedules

05.05. – Advanced intelligent 4D/5D Project planning, 5D BIM, Progress Monitoring

06.05. – Progress tracking and Planned VS Actual analysis, look-ahead plans

12.05. – As-Built AIM model development, 6D BIM integration and FM planning

13.05. – BEXEL CDE, Power BI, FM, Data integration and intro to API

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