Feasibility study for Tiršova 2 hospital begins

December 3rd, 2018
Belgrade, Serbia

The official announcement of feasibility study for new children’s hospital Tiršova 2 began on December 3rd, 2018 with the professional meeting „The next step towards the construction of Tiršova 2“ in the Old Palace in Belgrade. The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Belgrade, prof. dr Zoran Radojičić; Director of Public Investment Management Office, Marko Blagojević; representatives of University Children’s Hospital Tiršova and European Central Bank which will finance the construction and experts of Bexel Consulting and AIMC.

Experts from Bexel Consulting and AIMC as hospital planning specialists were present, having won the public tender for development of feasibility study for the new children’s hospital. Mr Radojičić emphasized that the consortium chosen for the development of feasibility study possesses considerable local and international experience, further highlighting that public interest and positive pressure can only benefit the entire project and its realization. Feasibility study is financed by a donation from Slovak Inclusive Growth Account and realized through Council of Europe Development Bank. European Central Bank will finance the construction and equipping of the hospital with 54 million EUR.

An expert team from various disciplines (civil engineering, architecture, medicine, public health) will collect the data and create a 3D BIM model of the new children’s hospital. Using this technology and a modern approach to planning and construction will allow for overview of the all aspects of the hospital, testing and choice of the optimal solution. BIM approach will also note any flaws or omissions before the construction process starts, and help find the best cost-quality relationship while ensuring first-rate conditions for treatments.

While preparations begin for Tiršova 2, the reconstruction and equipping of the existing children’s hospital are underway so that during the construction of the new building young patients have optimal conditions for their treatments and recovery. With the new MRI unit received in October and reconstruction of the façade, the biggest investment in children’s public health sector in the last 50 years has begun. Bexel Consulting is also participating in the reconstruction as a supervisory body.