Digital Construction Summit

June 8th-9th 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

The Digital Construction Summit was organized by Luxatia International and took place in Prague, Czech Republic on June 8th and 9th, 2017. The summit showcased innovative technologies and digitalization of processes within the construction industry itself. Key issues facing the industry were discussed, such as project management & job site monitoring, VDC Technology, big data in construction and BIM in virtual construction. The construction industry faces many changes in the coming years, and this summit used the opportunity to enable industry professionals to discover recent advances and hear about new challenges from industry-leading experts as keynote speakers, as well as connecting industry professionals trying to fully benefit from emerging technologies in modern construction.

BEXEL Consulting was represented by Mr Veljko Janjić, CEO & Co-Founder of BEXEL Consulting, who was a keynote speaker at the Summit. His presentation was titled “Lean Project Management – Implementing BIM in the entire project lifecycle for large development projects”.

The talk focused on the BIM implementation process of large development projects, from conceptual design to facility management utilizing 3D/4D/5D/6D BIM, and covered the following subjects:

  • BIM Uses in the design and planning stages of the project, including 3D coordination, 4D simulations and 5D estimates, as well as 6D facility management planning, throughout the project processes – including benefits and challenges;
  • Defining Employer Information Requirements and evaluating stakeholders;
  • 5D Progress Tracking and 6D Facility Management during construction, handover and operation.

The talk was a success, as it kindled a productive discussion and various follow-ups with companies eager to implement BIM in their everyday processes.