Conceptual Scheduling

While defining project cost structure in conceptual design phase is important, estimated project budget can be tremendously affected by a wide range of parameters relying on actual phasing & sequencing.

BEXEL’s team makes use of our proprietary scheduling framework in order to weigh in and integrate different project requirements and various time-varying factors into a number of different schedule options. Using 4D/5D simulations, we gain insight into potential pitfalls before actual construction, enabling the client to make significant changes to the project and choose among a multitude of different plans in order to execute the schedule on time and within budget.

While the project is still in the conceptual design phase, not much information is available regarding matters pertinent to accurate scheduling, such as: procurement times, available crews and their sizes, productivity rates, and yet, a close-to-accurate (if not close-to-optimal) schedule is needed in order to provide information as to when the project is due, for internal use or investors or clients. BEXEL helps our clients with this, frequently challenging, task by developing a construction schedule based on the conceptual design, using standardized local work rate norms or company legacy data with a clear prediction of near-optimal resource quantities and near-optimal project phasing as an added value.