Project Initiating

Successful projects start with successful strategic planning & programming, combined with intelligent budgeting and masterful decision-making.

However, sometimes it’s hard plan far enough ahead and have a clear picture of all aspects of the project due to plain complexity of the project or reasons which we do not have sufficient control over. Still, by implementing right processes and technology and strategizing and evaluating risks and contingencies, you may tremendously improve your chances of landing a big project successfully.

BEXEL Consulting offers a wide range of services in these early stages of project lifecycle.

From early conceptual planning and program management to conceptual cost estimating & scheduling & 4D/5D simulations, we strive to provide our clients as much foresight as possible by materializing the project concept in a digital world where we can painlessly envision all potential threats and obstacles, while identifying strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and alternatives and keeping the vision on track. We benchmark each project concept variation against a common success metric in order to establish feasibility, reduce risk and ensure completion within desired financial targets & project/program goals.