Pre-Construction Services

BEXEL covers the whole, broad range of Pre-Construction Services – from design authoring to design reviews and management.

Once the project has been lifted beyond the initial conceptual design and capital programming phase, the initial idea needs to be materialized into an excellent project design. We either develop or work with our clients on development of detailed designs and assist in making critical decisions along each step of the way. Quality design ensures smooth, safe, risk-free and timely construction and we make it happen with support of virtual design and construction technologies.

We enforce an intelligent, Building Information Model based design process which involves creating a rich, detailed 3D model of the envisioned project, instead of a set of 2D documents which only the designers can understand. As the design changes, we coordinate with the project team and update the model accordingly, preventing typical design flaws incurred by the lack of proper interoperability.

Improved visualization helps investors have a clear grasp on the project’s development in the early design stages. This facilitates communication between owners and designers, removes ambiguities, improving design efficiency and enhancing the correlation between the envisioned and the designed.

We improve design efficiency and interoperability among design teams and other stakeholders by implementing a document management system, based on our own software solutions. Our design management team monitors the design process and helps in enforcing desired levels of consistency and pace. Independent and coordinated design reviews are carried out regularly in order to validate the design and prevent later changes.

Our cost estimating experts work with clients’ engineers and local cost estimating experts in developing a legacy cost estimating database which is used to develop precise, BIM model-based cost estimates. Quantites are extracted from automatically generated bills of quantities which are developed based on the 3D geometric information stored in the project model.