Maintenance Scheduling

BEXEL Consulting has specialized in providing scheduling services in all phases of the building life cycle regardless if it’s about conceptual and detailed construction, planned and achieved construction, design development or maintenance, we have the experience and a technological framework capable of dealing with the most complex of schedules.

We act as our clients facility manager in change of maintenance scheduling, or assist our clients facility management staff to create a well balanced schedule of all maintenance tasks based on the 3D building information model, built in accordance with existing conditions or archived state.

We derive all relevant financial deliverables and present our clients with projected cash flows, including maintenance, repair and upgrade expenditures, and assess potential income based on local government subsidized programs, such as solar panel on wind energy use. We also help in generating maintenance-related procurement documents, work requests and change orders and notify our clients when a maintenance task is due.

The quality of building maintenance affects the quality of life of building occupants. Our job, as consultants, is to make sure that this fact never gets misplaced.