Facility Management

Facility management is a complex, interdisciplinary field with a sole purpose to provide efficient care and maintenance of commercial and institutional buildings. Main aspects of facility management include taking care of health and safety issues and building systems.

BEXEL carries out safety systems analyses to assess potential risks and validate fire protection infrastructure and compliance with global/local standards regarding occupational safety, guided room & area structure analyses in order to estimate and alleviate health or security issues.

We also analyze various building systems, such as HVAC, sewage, plumbing, energy & electric, telecommunications and building automation for potential operating or design flaws and suggest efficient upgrades and replacements.

All relevant information (drawings, manuals, schedules, specifications and inventory) is stored in a comprehensive 3D building information model which allows dedicated facility management personnel to retrieve or refresh the data in a streamlined and efficient manner. Upon building system upgrade, our designers make the changes to the model accordingly, keeping everything up-to-date. All work requests, change orders and resource allocation are handled by our proprietary project management framework, making sure our clients never miss a task or fail to handle procurement.