Key Benefits

Whether you are an owner, investor, general contractor, sub-contractor or a design-build company, we can assist you in the most complex and time-critical of tasks. Our teams can be engaged on any single task in any specific phase of each project’s lifecycle and provide essential task-related deliverables to all relevant stakeholders. However, the full potential of our wide range of services is unleashed when our consulting team is involved in the project from the initial budgeting & programming phase and collaborates with your architects, engineers and contractors until construction completes. This way, we act as a central control point, managing the flow of information, emphasizing use of best-practice methods and providing deep analyses and timely answers to key questions at all times.

We strive to fully employ IPD/VDC/BIM technology & process bundle to our clients’ advantage. By saving precious time compared to the traditional approach, using traditional processes and technology, we afford our clients the ability to plan ahead at each critical point or milestone, drastically reducing risks and inefficiencies and cutting back budget cost & construction time without compromising project goals and vision.

Here is a list of Key Benefits our involvement in your project will bring you:
  • Obtain & Maintain Total Project Control.
  • Obtain valuable information as early as possible.
  • Coordinate all stakeholders to achieve intelligent information sharing.
  • Reduce risks significantly.
  • Save time on traditional quantity takeoffs, cost estimates, constructability analyses and project scheduling.
  • Gain time to make substantial project design changes and choose between different options.
  • Plan ahead to anticipate pitfalls and minimize setbacks.
  • Effectively cut down budget costs and construction time.
  • Increase profit margins and make time to do more.
  • Achieve project goals & financial targets.
In today’s turbulent economic climate, making the right moves and intelligent decisions based on more than just experience or an educated guess is as important as having a trustworthy partner you can rely on. With BEXEL Consulting, you get the whole package – a modern, progressive and innovative consulting firm to collaborate and share knowledge with on challenging projects and a reliable source of crucial pieces of information.