Identifying the pain

Global construction industry is undoubtedly facing numerous challenges today. Almost seven out of ten projects suffer from severe cost and construction time overruns. This fact becomes even more dramatic when put in context of a global economic crisis, where all risks rise exponentially. Additional costs which arise from a multitude of different factors are enormous and the large part of these costs is borne by owners and operators. Lack of transparency for owners and investors means no control over the project for those who need to manage the project development.

Poor productivity, lack of efficient processes, good communication and adequate interoperability amongst stakeholders are key reasons for the grim statistics.

Low productivity of labor and machinery and low utilisation of plants and manufacturing facilities mostly arise from bad construction management – poorly defined schedules and inability to handle changes. Imprecise and slow quantification of work leads to imprecise budgets, construction waste, late procurement and potential legal claims. Inaccurate specification of materials and quantities, slow design change management and lack of proper design management and reviews result in costly problems which are solved too late and impact overall project cost and construction time.

We do not have answers to all questions and tackling every issue of construction project management is very difficult. We do, however, present our clients with quality services and efficient solutions to a large number of problems which traditionally (using obsolete methodologies and no technological support) cost too much time and money.