Construction Services

BEXEL provides comprehensive Construction Services consulting services.
When the time comes for the design to evolve from idea to reality, we provide construction management services designed to help you make sure that everything runs according to plan and navigate around construction pitfalls so as to avoid costly mistakes, cost and budget overruns or potential legal issues. With our on-site technical supervisors, we enforce coordination between design and construction, process changes and synchronize subcontractors, while keeping in mind the main goal – delivery of the project as early as possible, within the budget and with the optimum level of quality!
We generate new or utilize existing construction schedules to create a 5D project model – a 3D model which includes complete construction dynamics and cash flow information, per building element. By building a project and analyzing construction in virtual reality first, we can determine and correct any remaining constructability issues, anticipate and mitigate or eliminate potential problems and optimize use of resources. Making design changes once the construction has kicked-off is painful, time-consuming and costs money, whereas virtual construction simulations can be run any number of times, until we are certain that the construction will run smoothly.
With precisely defined quantity takeoff reports and cost estimates, we provide accurate procurement plans and efficiently handle bid packages for various subcontractors. Through regular audits of construction progress, another BIM project model develops, matching the actual state of construction. Using different comparative analyses, we can analyze productivity of the builders, survey constructed quantities, control costs or balance resources. By constantly overseeing key construction parameters, we help in maintaining an efficient, well-controlled project development.