Subcontractor Coordination

Large projects with high level of complexity can sometimes engage a large number of subcontractors to handle different portions of construction. Handling & coordinating each subcontractor’s activity can be an extremely tricky task, regardless of the time scale – on a daily basis or for the entire duration of construction. This is particularly true when subcontractors are due to work on same or physically close building parts, where there is insufficient quality in the construction schedule.

BEXEL steps in to act as or help the project manager to analyze and identify potential space and time conflicts between subcontractors.

We also may redefine critical parts of the schedule to update construction site organization, achieve better coordination and, if feasible, enable synchronized work for maximum results.

Our proprietary construction scheduling & project management framework enables our engineers and consultants to run a number construction simulations, detect potential coordination issues either through 3D visualization or using analysis outputs and suggest a solutions which fits desired criteria best.