Resource Balancing

BEXEL teams provide scheduling services when the project is still in the detailed design phase and generates a construction schedule that fits desired criteria inputs from all stakeholders.

These construction schedules are generated by our proprietary scheduling technology and are typically near-optimal in terms of resource balancing.

On the other hand, construction schedules for large projects are extremely complex and it is hence extremely difficult for any project management team to develop a schedule with perfectly balanced resources. In this case, once the construction has already started, we step in to assist our clients PM’s in developing better schedules.

We analyze existing schedules and suggest changes that contribute to potentially better phasing, synchronized work and better balance of available work force and equipment. By reordering tasks while maintaining critical path flow and reassigning resources, we were able to improve our clients schedules and achieve more optimal construction site spatial usage & coordination and faster construction times while lowering total construction cost on a number of complex projects.