Progress Auditing

BEXEL’s consultants can perform progress auditing on-site, independently or in collaboration with our clients’ project and construction site managers.

We are there to perform independent review of construction works done in any period of time, on entire project or by a certain subcontractor or subcontractors. Performing progress audits regularly will either ensure that the construction process is on-track, or enable early identification of setbacks or potential pitfalls arising from poor scheduling, resource under-allocation or some even more serious problem. Without precise auditing, those time and money consuming issues might accumulate over time and generate a much bigger problem which could call the timely completion of construction into question.

Our consultants verify whether or not performed works conform to construction contracts and are able to validate & defend, approve or disapprove payment requests made by contractors, effectively ensuring that payments are proportional to the quantity & quality of work performed on the construction site. In the best-case scenario, we recognize that work is progressing according to plan and detailed designed. Otherwise, we help our clients to overcome any issue, preventing construction from running smoothly, in a most effective manner, so that construction comes back on track and expected level of progress is achieved.