Procurement Planning

Timely procurement is an important factor for maintaining satisfactory construction tempo and preventing delays arising from lack of materials of equipment on the construction site.

By constantly monitoring construction progress and keeping in mind both the original & the actual construction schedule, we are able to plan ahead and generate procurement plans for any given period of time.

In the real world, things can go wrong unexpectedly, concrete-plants malfunction and fail to produce enough, if any, concrete, steel mills fail, etc. and it is these types of unpredictable events that ruin our clients plans and prevent their projects from being completed before deadline.

By planning ahead enough, we ready ourselves for these types of events and ensure that we have enough material resources to carry on with construction for a certain period of time, until circumstances enabling normal procurement are restored. Procurement plans can be generated a priori and integrated with our Cash Flow Analysis services in order to serve as a basic source of information for our clients, in their procurement strategy decision making process.

Example of material procurement reports made on project Gubkino