Planned vs. Actual

Whether we are contracted to act as our clients construction manager or assist your project management personnel in bringing the design to life, our project management professionals bring the expertise and the technology needed to assess, analyze and visualize the construction process in order to create comparative analytics of initially provided construction schedule and the timeline of construction works carried out up to a specific date.

Comparison results are organized in a manner in which clients can review each completed task, as carried out and as planned side by side, and determine if construction unfolds according to plan, or is falling behind in certain areas or discipline.

Knowing about issues does not mean much unless it is early enough to attend to them and a number of such issues, if left undetected, may at least cost a lot of additional money and time, if not bring into question the entire budget and completion date in the most severe of cases.

Based on planned vs. actual analysis, our experts gain sufficient insight into our clients construction processes and methodology and are able to identify potential pitfalls and provide specific advice as to how to improve the construction in order to optimize resources and cut down construction costs and time.