Change Management

Although it is always preferable to anticipate all potential obstacles and perform all necessary design changes in the very design phase and avoid late changes, sometimes there is still need to make additional changes after the construction has kicked off.

These introduce undesirable complications, cause delays and increase construction cost by default and hence need to be handled effectively and with utmost care. Through the use of BEXEL’s pre-design & design time services the need for subsequent change requests is virtually eliminated.

BEXEL facilitates change management processes for our clients by performing analyses or proposed or requested change orders in every aspect, during entire construction.

We typically assess the actual necessity and make an independent evaluation of the impact of the change order, in terms of construction time and cost. We integrate ourselves across the entire project command chain and coordinate changes for all stakeholders, owners & investors, general contractors & sub-contractors and architects & engineers.

In comparison to design phase change management, there is an additional aspect of managing initially unplanned construction site activities and additional resources. BEXEL’s Construction Services expertise and proprietary project management framework have enabled us to facilitate these challenging tasks and mitigate potential delays, waste and budget overruns on numerous projects of varying complexity.