BIM implementation on infrastructure project in Slovenia

March, 2020

BEXEL Consulting with our partners Lineal d.o.o. are selected to supervise BIM implementation on a complex over-a-billion-euro infrastructure project in Slovenia!
BEXEL Manager platform will be used to federate the BIM model consisting of more than 400 IFC files from 8 different authoring tools, and to ensure metadata integrity by regular automated data checks. BEXEL Manager will be used in an open BIM environment by all project stakeholders to track the progress and carry out regular earned value analysis utilizing developed 4D and 5D model. The largest infrastructure investment in Slovenia, the 27.1km long railway track between Divača i Koper, that includes 8 tunnels with the total length of tunnel tubes of 37.4km (including service tubes), 2 bridges, 2 viaducts and more than 20 km of access and maintenance roads.