3. Münchner BIM-Kongress 2018

Munich, Germany
March 13th, 2018

Bexel Consulting participated in the “3. Münchner BIM-Kongress 2018” held in Oskar von Miller Forum in Munich, Germany on March 13th, 2018. The theme of the Congress was “BIM BEST PRACTICES: from data requirements to collaboration for the benefit of all” (BIM BEST PRACTISE: von den Datenanforderungen über die Kollaboration zum Nutzen ALLER). Leading users and experts in the BIM field from Germany have gathered to present their experiences in applying BIM solutions under German standards. Many important issues were discussed, ranging from BIM visualization to cloud computing.

Veljko Janić, CEO and Co-Founder of BEXEL Consulting, was present as a speaker. Mr Janjić gave a presentation „Integrated Project Management – implementing BIM in the entire project lifecycle“, based on BEXEL Consulting’s experiences from its projects, showcasing results from projects in Doha, Qatar. During his speech, he touched on current topics such as Integrated Project Management and openBIM Interoperability, and presented the advantages of the BEXEL Manager platform.

Visit the site of 3. Münchner BIM-Kongress 2018 for more information on the event.