2017 buildingSMART International Standards Summit

October 30th to November 2nd, 2017, IET London, UK

BEXEL Consulting participated in the International Standards Summit – London, UK 2017, as a member of buildingSMART International. The content included the development of open digital standards for improving the design, build and management of assets in the built environment.

Veljko Janjic, CEO & Co-Founder of BEXEL Consulting and member of buildingSMART Standards Committee, presented Bexel Manager®, BEXEL’s integrated BIM platform, and it’s capabilities for enrichment of industry standardized IFC file format with data such as bill of quantities, custom classifications, 4D scheduling and 5D project cost information. Collaboration and exchange capabilities of Bexel Manager® using BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) as well as IFC, were also presented. Another product shown in the presentation was BEXEL Infrastructor – BEXEL’s BIM infrastructure software solution. Additionally, its support for the IFC format, and more specifically IFC Alignment, was  emphasizing it’s support for IFC Alignment schema.

The presentation received great feedback from the participants of the Summit.

The International Standards Summit was held at the prestigious Institute of Engineering and Technology in London and attended by 320 delegates from more than 30 countries. The participants were a mix of senior industrialists, software vendors and other construction industry leaders.

The event consisted of presentations, panel discussions and workshops through all the sectors of the built environment – Standards Program (rooms):

  • Infrastructure Room
  • Building Room
  • Airport Room
  • Construction Room
  • Product Room
  • Regulatory Room