Document Management System

BEXEL’s comprehensive, in-house developed document management system has served as a main collector hub for all relevant construction documents, including design drawings, specifications, contracts and other, on a multitude of projects. The system offers our clients and users complete control over the project documentation and facilitate the tasks of tracking down document revisions and identifying, communicating and monitoring all related changes made to the documents. It reduces risks related to not updated documentation. All changes can be easily spotted thanks to a number of our proprietary visual comparison tools for 2D drawings and other documents.

  • You may download the official Whitepaper for our Document Management System software here.
  • Also, you may download the official Presentation for our Document Management System software here.

The system can be accessed from virtually anywhere, office or construction site, as our system works in a local area network, or over the Internet.

Also, our web-based user interface for external users, allows documentation to be shared beyond the edges of system. We also have the ability to manage e-mail communication related to the project and transmit marked-up documents with attached RFIs for complete project information management service.

This technology gives us the ability to connect stakeholders of various disciplines – architectural, structural and MEP engineers, to a single platform where all relevant information, documents and processes can be shared among all team members, local and remote – tremendously improving transparency and availability of information.