BEXEL Software Suite

BEXEL’s team of young & talented, yet experienced software engineers has been worked for years on developing software solutions for BIM-based construction simulations and analyses. BEXEL software suite is the ultimate product of these efforts – a constantly evolving solution which our architects, engineers and consultants regularly utilize to tackle virtually any sort of task and problem which may arise during pre-construction phases of project lifecycle.

Given the abundance of information stored within a 3D BIM model, the software was developed to be able to analyze the project design from every aspect imaginable. Advanced visualization of the project, whether in conceptual or detailed design phase, allows detailed exploration of the model and even virtually walking the premises way before they would be constructed. Detailed geometry and organization of building elements enable creating super-precise quantity takeoffs which, supported by our cost database management solutions, in turn, result in fast and highly accurate cost estimates. By linking building elements with construction norms, productivity rates and resources, we can develop realistic construction schedules and create 4D simulations to visualize construction any number of times, to correctly identify any potential threat. Thanks to inherent interoperability with existing project management solutions, such as Microsoft® Project™ or Primavera™ , we can adapt to any client easily. The software allows us to run clash detection analyses to anticipate constructability issues and resolve conflicts early. Given a detailed design, we can assess the building’s potential in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Our solutions cover virtually all BIM-related topics:

  • BEXEL Explorer – Visualization and Exploration
  • BEXEL Engineer – Visualization and Exploration + Quantity Takeoff and/or Conflict analysis
  • BEXEL Manager – Visualization and Exploration, Conflict Analysis, QTO, Cost Estimating, Scheduling
  • BEXEL Academic – Educational version

For managing the database, related to all cost estimating & scheduling tasks, a special application is used:

  • BEXEL Cost Database Manager