Progress Tracking

BEXEL’s product suite has a number of tools designed specifically to facilitate a number of tedious project management related tasks.

In project design phases, our document management and scheduling software platforms are internally used, or available on demand, as a service, where they actively help in design document management and project design scheduling. Efficient design reviews and constructability analyses are carried out using BEXEL’s geometry analysis, code compliance and clash detection engines to tackle any form of inconsistency and design under-development.

Our software platform provides tools for efficient creation and management of cost databases, including construction norms, work item definitions and assemblies, with accompanying costs and productivity data for all material, labor and equipment types. These databases can be synchronized with existing cost information provided by clients, and updated at all times. Managing project costs is easy and flexible, with excellent reporting and analysis features of our products.

Managing construction starts with a construction schedule, generated our state of the art, automatic scheduling and resource balancing engine. Once the construction has kicked off, our software is used for efficient progress auditing, coordination of subcontractors, generating work logs and procurement plans and analyses regarding productivity and planned vs. actual.