New to BIM?

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) both refer to a fresh technological concept and procedural approach to project delivery at the center of which is the philosophy of creating a virtual counterpart of a building in a software solution. Such representation of the project is available in each design phases, and evolves as the design moves away from conceptual and into criteria, or detailed design. The virtual project model entails exact three-dimensional geometry of each building element or structural member, organized systematically and enriched will all relevant information which may be useful for various analyses, such as spatial relationships, quantities and properties of components and such.

BEXEL’s AEC professionals and consultants utilize VDC/BIM technology and internal processes and software technology to run virtual construction simulations and analyses to provide invaluable pieces information to our clients in real time, supporting their decision making processes with fantastic success.

Integrated Project Delivery

The main purpose of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is to optimize project results and improve performance of design and construction. This is achieved through a procedural mind shift, in which systematic, collaborative organizations of stakeholders are created in order to foster environments where each individual’s insight, suggestion and ability is utilized and organized towards a common goal – a successfully delivered project.

IPD methodology tends to address crucial problems arising from the lack of common focus by gathering stakeholders around one table, as opposed to the previously adopted course in which each participant in the project works solely on parts of the project which belong in their scope of responsibility, without taking into consideration the effects their actions imply on the project as a whole. By bringing together all stakeholders early, collaborative decision making takes place at a time in which the best results can be achieved, bringing the most value to the owner and the investors, as well as all other participants in the project. Owners, architects, engineers and contractors and other stakeholders, such as consulting firms (such as BEXEL) will typically work together through the entire project life cycle.

BEXEL leads our clients on their path of adoption the IPD methodology and brings innovative thinking and modern technological solutions to the table, in terms of both software and processes. Our main role is to organize the entire system and streamline it’s processes, while at the same time providing concrete, specific and timely answers to key questions using our own knowledge and technology.