Conflict Analysis

Determining whether or not structural members collide with each other, or architectural elements and installations is a generally complex task to carry out when all you have is a set of 2D drawings of different disciplines and not a lot of time and adequate tools. Technology is there to alleviate potential constructability issues before they become serious.

Our own, developed conflict analysis solution – BEXEL’s clash detection module is an intelligent piece of software engineering which allows our consultants to analyze 3D BIM models quickly and effectively. Using this tool, we are able to detect clashes among the geometry of building elements, assess their severity and classify them. Walking simulations across floors which contain clashing elements are at our disposal, creating the impression that we are actually on the construction site, looking at the problem as we normally would in the real world. However, instead, we are walking inside a virtual model and looking at the conflict from any perspective imaginable and together with our clients’ responsible stakeholders, our consultants hold meetings in which serious clashes are identified and resolved as early as possible.