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OYIA / office park
This 156,250m² office park is consisted of twelve nearly idential buildings, consisted of six levels above ground (total area around 6480m²) and two underground garage levels (total area around 2250m²). The project was privately funded and BEXEL worked tightly with the general contractor as well as directly with the investors.

BEXEL's Activities

BEXEL's team of VDC architects and engineers developed a complete 3D BIM model which consisted of:

1. Complete building structure - concrete and steel

2. Interior partitions and wall, floor & ceiling finishes

3. All building systems (MEP) - HVAC, plumbing, hot and cold water

Part of our responsibilities was keeping the design documents organized and coordinated and our Document Management system has proven to be a great ally in completing such a task successfully.

We boarded the project team once the construction has kicked off and we had to quickly develop a better construction schedule and take care of the undergoing construction in order to keep everything according to plan. Our consultants were constantly monitoring and auditing construction progress information and were engaged in creating numerous productivity reports and procurement plans, as well as handling change orders and running planned vs. actual analyses.