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Azul Beach Hotels / Hotel
This project is an extension of the existing beachfront resort, placed on the west coast of Jamaica, offering an intimate atmosphere with quick access to the beach, pools, restaurants, bars and all other facilities. It features suites designed to cater to a variety of travel experiences with an adults-only section and various additional content. Total build up area of all facilities is around 13,000 m².

BEXEL's Activities

BEXEL worked directly for the Investor, Karisma Hotels and Resorts, from the design stages until project realization. The following services were provided on the project:

1. Develop a full 3D BIM model based on architectural, structural and MEP designs.

2. Keep the model up-to-date and run regular constructability analyses in order to detect and resolve conflicts among structural, architectural and MEP elements.

3. Comprehensive design review analyses in order to minimize the risk of changes in the project that may result in additional expenses for the owner.

4. Provide advanced 3D/4D construction visualizations based on the BIM model, in order to improve contractors’ and other stakeholders’ insights into the construction process with Building Explorer BIM Analysis Tools, BEXEL’s proprietary software package.

5. Preparation of Bid packages by developing quantity takeoffs extracted from 3D BIM model using our software solutions.

6. Construction monitoring with an on-site monitoring team.

7. Collect, analyze and process all construction progress data - while generating day by day progress audits, executive reports and predictions.