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Jahra Court / Government Legal Building

Located near Kuwait City, in 30 km distant city of Al Jahra in Kuwait, this complex consists of a main court building and a car park building, with a total area of around 200,000 m2.

Large, state-of-the-art courtrooms, as well as government offices, conference rooms, cafes and public spaces are illuminated through clerestory windows and the large patterned glass façade, emphasizing natural light. The Car park building accompanies the court, including a 9-storey conventional parking area with an additional 14-storey automated car parking facility above it.

BEXEL's Activities

BEXEL worked directly for the Kuwaiti government (Al-Diwan Al-Amiri), in cooperation with the consultant (PACE) and main contractors. The following services were provided on the projects:

  1. Develop a full 3D BIM model based on architectural, structural and MEP designs.
  2. Keep the model up-to-date and run regular constructability analyses in order to detect and resolve conflicts among structural, architectural and MEP elements.
  3. Construction monitoring with on-site monitoring team.
  4. Provide advanced 3D/4D construction visualizations based on the BIM model, in order to improve contractors’ and other stakeholders’ insights into the construction process with Building Explorer BIM Analysis Tools, BEXEL’s proprietary software package.
  5. Collect, analyze and process all construction progress data - while generating day by day progress audits, executive reports and predictions.
  6. Construction Schedule Development & Analysis
    • Analyze and optimize available contractor’s construction schedule, update and revise as necessary;
    • Anticipate problems and suggest solutions.
  7. Provide Investor with planned vs. actual analysis, risk analysis and recommendations.
  8. Financial analysis and reports - cash flows and executive reporting.