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Hochland / industrial plant
HOCHLAND is the first foreign company that started production of processed cheese in Russia. The plant is an autonomous plant that boasts its own artesian well, a modern waste disposal and water treatment (reverse osmosis) facility. The power unit has its own power system and makes it possible to monitor storehouse temperatures of raw materials and finished products and to ensure all process parameters. The Russian HOCHLAND plant is certified according to the International Food Standards (IFS).
The 24-hour flow-line production provides work for about 700 employees in 4 shifts. The intended production capacity is 20,000 tons of finished products per year, thus making it possible to meet the needs in these products not only of Russian consumers but also of consumers in former USSR countries.

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BEXEL's Activities

BEXEL was part of design and technical teams. We were in charge of developing a complete 3D model of all building systems, along with structural elements in order to synchronize all design discplines and deliver a constructability study.

We were also engaged in developing an aggregate bill of quantities, project cost estimate and construction schedules.